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Chrome plating Superfinishing

Main Characteristics

Abrasive grains, such as silicon carbide or aluminum oxide are embedded in elastic materials such as rubber filled with small cork-granulates.

WORKPIECES Piston rods, Front forks, Alloyed Steel bars, Piston pins, broaches y Printed rolls.
MATERIAL Hard Chrome plating
HARDNESS 900 - 1000 HV
PROCESS External cylindrical grinding between center and centerless.
RESULT Rz < 0,4 µm
DRESSING Self-dressing
COOLANT 3%, synthetic o semisynthetic
Superacabado - Thrufeed centerless grinding
Thrufeed centerless grinding
Superacabado - Traverse centertype grinding
Traverse centertype grinding


Grinding Wheel

Product 400FK200B-P
Wheel dimensions
Diameter 50 - 660 mm
Thickness several pieces 250 – 800 mm
Grit size 240 – 1200
Recommended speed 35 m/s
Depth of cut 0,005 – 0,015 mm
Superacabado - Muela abrasiva
Cork-rubber wheels: FK, MB1.


See Flat and Profile Superfinishing